Make safe vaccines that, by harnessing the potental of NK cells, universally protect against multiple infectious and immune-mediated diseases



Univac is a preclinical-stage biotechnology start-up that develops NK-cells directed vaccines and immune therapies. By targeting unconventional antigens and activating Natural Killer cells, Univac has discovered a new transformative approach that allows development of universally protective vaccines that prevent or cure a broad range of acute viral infections and immune-mediated (allergies and immune inflammatory diseases) or tumour diseases. Univac vaccines have the potential to meet medical needs for which vaccines or treatments do not exist or, where available, are very expensive.






Latest News

May 18, 2016 – Univac announces appointment of CEO and Chair of the board - Univac, an international biotech company focused on developing innovative vaccines based on activation of NK cells, announced the appointment of Stefano Malvolti, MSc, MPH to the position of Chief Executive Officer and Tyler Martin, MD as Independent Director and Chairman of its Board of Directors - read more