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Univac revolutionises vaccinology by designing and developing vaccines which educate the host immune system to redirect immune targeting away from canonical antigens to vitally vulnerable pathogen-derived ‘self-mimicking’ antigens independent of MHC polymorphism. Although ‘non-self’ and exposed on the surface of infected or pathologically altered cells, these antigens are not effectively recognised upon natural infection or disease.


Univac vaccines harness the power of the immune system by unlocking the untapped potential of self-centered Natural Killer (NK) cells to target these unconventional antigens. The resulting type of immune response enables the host immune system to readily eliminate infection or cure disease across a broad range of unrelated pathogens and regardless of the host immunogenetic background. This contrasts sharply with conventional restricted targeting of natural immune responses as induced by contemporary vaccines.


Because of the fast and universally protective effect of NK cells, Univac vaccines are uniquely suited to prevent pathogenic agents from escaping vaccine-mediated immune responses as of an early stage of infection or (immune) pathological cell alteration. The technology obviates the need for traditional adjuvants, multiple boost injections or expensive manufacturing processes and is readily compatible with intradermal or mucosal administration offering substantial advantages in terms of safety, convenience and cost-effectiveness.